Where Does Radon Come From? [Radon Explained]

Where Does Radon Come From?

With the rise of radon testing in homes, one has to wonder where radon comes from and why it’s getting into their house. Luckily, no one’s alone in their exposure to radon. Every home has at least some amount of radon inside. Radon is ubiquitous in the earth’s crust, meaning it’s hard to avoid. Radon is a decay product of Uranium. Uranium 238 in the Earth’s crust begins decaying with a half life of a whopping 4.5 billions years. Eventually that Uranium 238 decays into Thorium 234 which decays into Protactinium 234 which after a few more changes reaches the state of Radon 222 with a half life of 3.8 days. This Radon 222 will also eventually begin to decay into solids like Polonium which can be very dangerous when inhaled.

What Should I Do To Know More About Radon In My Own Home?

Luckily for anyone who may be worried, it doesn’t take us 4.5 billion years to solve your possible radon problem. We measure radon levels with our state of the art monitors in homes for 48 hours and most mitigation systems take no more than a few hours to install and can be very budget friendly. Don’t wait, call us to set up an appointment for your radon gas measurement today!

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