Foundation Waterproofing

We at Pure State Services employ several different interior and exterior waterproofing options to keep your basement dry, foundation in good shape, and the overall safety and health of your family a top priority

When water accumulates around the outside of your home, it can cause the soil to expand. This will put a lot of pressure on your foundation. When this happens, it can force water through the small cracks, porous spots, or unsealed penetrations in your foundation.

This can also lead to further foundation problems if not corrected. At Pure State Services, we specialize in correcting foundation water issues by utilizing top of the line products such as the Hydraway Drainage System.

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The Hydraway System is guaranteed never to clog and removes up to 70% more water than its conventional counterparts!

Most homes have either a clay tile or a corrugated perforated pipe installed around their foundation called a “drain-tile system”. These systems help waterflow to prevent basement or foundation damage, however, they are slow to drain, and water can pool if overfilled. Most “basement guys” just replace this pipe when a failure occurs or install a new pipe if one is not present. This can lead to the same problems down the line.

At Pure State, we install the state-of-the-art Hydraway System. The Hydraway system removes the possibility of overflow and clogging through a geotextile fabric mesh attached to a lattice core. This unique design allows the system to remove up to 70% more water than the traditional drain-tile systems while cutting down installation cost and time. The fabric mesh also allows for a high inflow rate and prevent the passage of soil particles guaranteed never to clog!

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Step 1

STEP #1: We Prepare

We will start by removing a small section of the floor at the impacted area.

Step 2

STEP #2: We Install

The Hydraway Drainage System will be installed with products Hydraway® 2000 and Hydraway® 300, and will look similar to the above image.

Step 3

STEP #3: We Clean Up

Once installed, we will pour concrete over the system to match the original thickness of the floor slab, ensuring its structural integrity.

Step 4

STEP #4: Problem Solved!

Lastly, the sump pit and pump will be installed and connected to a discharge line to carry water away from your home's foundation.

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Waterproofing Services We Offer:

We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Not every problem has the same solution and neither does every budget. That is why we provide free onsite estimates to work with you on your specific needs and budget to achieve the desired result. Below are the services we provide

Interior drainage systems

Interior Sump Pit Installations

Exterior Sump Pit Installations

Sump Pump Installations and Replacements

Crack Injections and Repairs

Hydraulic Cement Repairs

Exterior Drainage Systems

“J” Drains

Drywell installations

Downspout Extensions

Sump line extensions

Sump line freeze break installation

We offer homeowners and business owners a superior level of Home Services. From siding repair to radon mitigation, and all the way to foundation repair and waterproofing. We are your first and only stop needed for your home.

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